Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our trip to Israel

Only 16 days left until we head out on our trip to Israel.. Woohoo! I always get so anxious before a trip, I've already begun packing and I feel all rush rush as if it were tomorrow. I always wanted to travel but seriously doubted I would ever leave the country, my family has never had much money and I've always been of the sort to spend all my money on the practical day to day stuff. I may have saved up for a bed set or a car but never imagined an out of country excursion would fit in. Thankfully Bill, my dear boyfriend, has a different take on things and thought we should just go for it. I wasn't about to argue and miss my chance if he thought we could get away with it. I think we balance each other out that way; I can push to save for the household stuff and he will make sure we still get some time out of the house as well. Shalom

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